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Kenner, art by themselves

Kenner, also known as Tegan, Kessh and TinyTrashYeen, is a furry artist and proffesional illustrator from the Philadelphia metro area who lives in Delaware, USA. They are married to fellow artist Reaux.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kenner had been a member of the furry fandom since the end of 2003, but did not take an active part in the fandom until 2004 when introduced by Crazy2287 to the online art gallery known as DeviantArt. They joined the furry community with a red fox/Tarantula Hawk Wasp hybrid character named Pandora Stone, or Pandy for short.


  • Pandora Stone - Pandy has orange fur, long blonde hair, green eyes, and a purple tail with a black ring and light purple tip, ended with a red stinger. He has black forearms, lower legs, and ears. He also has black markings on his muzzle and white markings around his eyes. He has a pair of insect veined wings on his back and antennae on his head.
  • Tegan - After the sale of the Pandy fursuit in 2017, Kenner changed their fursona to a Key Deer named Tegan.[1] Tegan is a short deer with sawed-off antlers and large, rectangular glasses.
  • Spiral - Spiral is a monster deer character. They are pink and purple and feature hypno eyes and a spiral motif, including large, spiral-shaped antlers.
  • Kessh - Kessh is a purple spotted hyena character. One of her eyes is missing and was replaced with a metallic orb.
  • Kenner - Kenner is an opossum with large, rectangular glasses. They are named after the now-defunct toy company of the same name. Kenner has an extra-long tail, an upside-down cross tattoo over their pouch, and a Jurassic Park (JP) mark on their left thigh. Kenner has the ability to transform into any species of animal. They retain their gray/white/black/pink color scheme regardless of the species they present as.


Kenner commissioned a Pandy fursuit from OMGPineapples in 2012. The suit was modified into a plain red fox and sold to Sidkah in 2015. Kenner still retains the character rights for Pandy. OMGPineapples also created a Spiral fursuit in 2014, which was sold to Shadii in 2020.


Kenner's style is strongly influenced by that of Korean American comic book artist and writer Jim Lee and other comic artists. Their preferred tools of the trade are Prismacolor markers and Faber-Castell pens. They are a freelance artist by trade and regularly take commissions both within and outside the furry fandom.

Commissioned work outside the fandom includes wildlife artwork and pet portraits. Outside of traditional artwork, Kenner paints wargaming miniatures as both a hobby and on commission.


Kenner has an interest in herpetology and entomology. They have owned a large number of insects, arachnids, reptiles, and amphibians. They enjoy collecting merchandise from 20th Century Fox's Aliens and other horror movies, as well as old toys and collectibles.

Kenner owns a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is an enthusiast of the breed. They play Warhammer competitively.


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