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Harley's con badge by his friend Tarah

Harley is a fursuiter from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A., whose fursona is a green husky.

Harley's name is explained by his obsession with dirt bikes and motorcycles; he races with semi-pro riders in central Texas. When he is not at the races, Harley often hosts local furmeets at his house on the weekends.

Harley found out about the furry fandom when he was about 16 years old and that was when he became the green husky. He has always had an obsession with anthropomorphic characters, and always wished to be fursuiter once he found out how much fun fursuiters have. His own partial fursuit is Cycles, an orange panther. Harley has his full suit which was done by his friend Coy from Roofur.com.

Fursuiting adventures[edit]

Harley attended the San Japan 1.5 anime convention in his home town of San Antonio. There, he appeared in his Cycles fursuit.

Harley had his full fursuit from RooFur debut at MFM 2008.

Harley spinning at MFM 2008

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