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Hardcore Pawn is an American reality television series produced by RDF USA (later Zodiak USA) and Richard Dominick Productions for truTV. It depicts the day-to-day operations of "American Jewelry and Loan", a family-owned and operated pawn shop in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

The stars of the show are Leslie "Les" Gold, owner of the pawnshop, and his two children (Seth Gold and Ashley Broad) who are the store's co-owners.

Hardcore Pawn and furry[edit]

Furries on Hardcore Pawn. From left to right: Frisbee, Kody Collie, Ghimno, Blizzard Wuffy, and Skroy.
Ashley Broad's reaction to the fursuiters.

The episode "Seth's Secret" (episode 26 of season 7, first broadcast on November 5, 2013), featured a short segment in which the store was visited by fursuiters Kody Collie, Frisbee, Blizzard Wuffy, and Ghimno, escorted by Skroy (sans fursuit).

Skroy introduced the fursuiters as "freelance mascoters" who were "going to Miami for a sporting event".[1] (In reality, the furries were, at the time, attending Furry Connection North 2013 in Novi, Michigan, and went to American Jewelry and Loan to "sell some silver, have some fun (and be on tv)".)[2]

Ashley, who served the fursuiters, declared that the costumes "really smell",[1] but continued to serve them as Kody produced three one-ounce silver bars which he wished to sell. A deal was negotiated for $21.50 a bar, with Kody haggling through mime which was interpreted by Skroy.

After the episode aired, Kody commented, "And yes , it was partially scripted, so no we didnt really smell, and yes ashley is a B!#@* xD".[2]


Hardcore Pawn
These bars are hardly worth anything. Let's get this over with so these guys, and their stench, can leave for Miami. — Ashley Broad (post-sale commentary)
Hardcore Pawn
Hardcore Pawn
OK. You know as well as I know that they talk. They're just dressed up. Get over yourself. — Ashley Broad (post-sale commentary)
Hardcore Pawn
Hardcore Pawn
I hope the dogs were happy. Next time, please just come in in, like, your human attire, because I don't like being barked at. — Ashley Broad (post-sale commentary)
Hardcore Pawn


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