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Happy the Horse is a fictional blue equine character in the Happy! comic-book mini-series by Grant Morrison (Animal Man, The Invisibles, etc) and Darick Robertson, published by Image Comics. Happy is the imaginary friend of Hailey Hansen, has little wings, can fly and a purple horn.

Hailey is a young girl who has been kidnapped, and so Happy the Horse searched for a person to help rescue Hailey. The only person that he found who could see him is Nick Sax, an ex-cop turned hitman.

The four issue Happy! mini-series was published in 2012–2013. Series collected as Happy! softcover with first printing publication date of April 2013 (ISBN 978-1-60706-677-4). Happy! hardcover was published in December 2013 and includes a "new 10-page story" by Morrison and Robertson.[1]

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