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Chama dancing on the keys

Chama C. Fox is a furry musician and who has composed and performed numerous songs with furry themes, including The Wolf In You. He's the founder and administrator of the Furry Music Foundation and is also active in the furry community in a number of projects, many of them music related.

Chama represents himself as a nonmorphic Cape fox.[1]


Chama's music style can be described as melodic, though often rather complex. It often uses orchestral sounds, sometimes with influences from jazz. Among the more well-known songs can be mentioned The Wolf In You, Stripes, and Wolves.

He has featured songs on the Furry Fantasies, Furry Fantasies II and Silky Fur music CDs and is a member of the The Fauna Project.

During the annual Eurofurence convention, Chama hosts an event called the Furry Music Café featuring live music in a friendly atmosphere.

Most of Chama's music can be found on the Furry Music Foundation or his personal web site. As of 2008, Chama was working on a musical called Wolf Land, intended to be performed at Eurofurence 14.


Happy Weasel was written by Chama C. Fox in 1997 and was the first released music piece on the Furry Music Foundation. Using the rondo form and playful orchestration (mostly) in G major, it attempts to capture the nature of a happy weasel, not necessarily sharing the classical stereotype of weasels. The second part, written five years later is Weasel's Return.

Other furry projects[edit]

Chama founded and maintains several web sites with resources for the furry community such as the Furry Music Foundation, the Furry Code, the Furry Birthday list, and Furries Against Hunting.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Chama is Thomas Hagenfeldt, living in Stockholm, Sweden

Chama is also an avid role player and creates and hosts resources dedicated to this such as ExpressCoach in the Ironclaw system.


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