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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #HappyPlace.

#HappyPlace is a seedling channel on Anthrochat.


#HappyPlace was founded by WaterFox on February 12th, 2010, as a channel based on a compromise of rules and themes from channels like furrycoffeeshop and Halcyon.

Channel Bio[edit]

#HappyPlace is a furry IRC channel for mutual discussion of all topics. It was founded with the intention of creating a place which would host discussion of mature topics and topics which are normally tabooed, whilst remaining a civilized and mature chat.

#HappyPlace was created by and is property of Araya WaterFox, also known as Mizu. The channel was originally moderated by close regulars, but moderatorship was removed to prevent users from being intimidated by potentially ban-happy mods. It is now unmodderated apart from its owner, Mizu, so that users can chat openly without fear of being kicked out for petty reasons.

The name #HappyPlace can be a bit deceiving, new furs to the channel may be forgiven for mistaking it as a place where you have to be happy and cheery all the time. The name is actually a reference to the film Happy Gilmore, in which Adam Sandler goes to his "Happy Place" to focus and calm his mind. That's pretty much the intention of #HappyPlace; a place furs can go to to unwind, chill out, and just be accepted for who they are, and where all furs are made to feel welcome.

Rules and themes[edit]

  1. Hate speech is just about the only thing forbidden as it is just plain rude.
  2. Violence is also not tolerated, unless it is intended as a joke and other users recognize this.
  3. Swearing is permitted as long as the conversation doesn't become too vulgar. If you overdo the vulgarity you will be warned, future violations may see you banned by the owner.
  4. Discussion of any and all sexual topics are openly welcomed, regardless of taboo or social acceptance.
  5. Sexual RP however, while welcome in the channel, may be off putting for other chatters, and users are encouraged to take sexual RP to PM.
  6. Regular RP is allowed as long as it does not fill up the channel and make it hard for other users to chat.
  7. Spam and flooding will not be tolerated. Users caught spamming or flooding will be promtly kicked. Users kicked for this reason may rejoin the channel as long as they promise to behave.
  8. Finally, snugglin' and cuddlin' and bein' fluffy in general is very much welcomed and encouraged^^ After all, this is a Happy Place of course and making the other users feel welcome and being friendly is the goal of this channel^^

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