Hanna Vulpine

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Hanna Vulpine is a red-furred and red-haired vixen who lives in the town of Beaver Island. She has blue eyes, and peach colored marks around her eyes. Her tail has a black ring around it and a spot on the white at the end. She is usually wearing a tan colored blouse, a purple sash and a blue skirt. She is a character of KitsuneFoxman.

Hanna moved to Beaver Island from Oceania, the south western continent. Her family, namely her brother Quintin Vulpine and mother Violet Vulpine were forced to leave their home when the province was overtaken by the great spiders, and they were evacuated to Beaver Island. At the time, Hanna was about 1 year old. They were forced to leave behind Grandmother Vulpine and many of their friends, all of whom are presumed dead. Hanna only remembers some such things because of stories, otherwise she was too young to have any recollection.

Hanna's father, Drake Vulpine moved them into the Harrow of the Prower family. She met Miles Delano Prower, Tom Muffins, and Elaine Doofe there, and they became fast friends at a young age. She became especially attached to Miles, and they became best friends. There are hints that point such a relationship may be something more.

Hanna puts her friends well being before her own, especially that of Miles. When they first started school and Miles and Davecko ran afoul of the hippo Dustin Bullwarky, Hanna intervened and attacked the much larger hippo, putting her own safety on the line. A good fighter and friend, she is a brave child.