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Half or Halfside (Born Feb, 07, ????) is an Ottawa furry, sometimes seen at local events if they are large enough and serves his interests. He often says that "I'm the one with the awesome hat," and will arrive wearing a wool hat that is made to look like an owl.


His fursona is a golden brown feral ferret that is a World War II fighter pilot wearing only a trench coat and aviator goggles. His plane his also described as a gray Spitfire; however he only ever is seen flying "with dreams" as a joke.


Half is seen on furnet most of the time just to chat and to roleplay with other users. He is the creator of the room #nothing and is a well known member in the community.

He is seen in most popular rooms and smaller and lesser known rooms. He often informs people to "check his /whois" on what he is into in the form of sexual interest.

In other rooms he uses alt fursonas:

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