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HTH Studios, formerly known as Pendragon Entertainment, is an adult video game studio founded by Crowchild that creates games catering to the furry fandom. The company is best known for creating New Cyana (formerly known as High Tail Hall), and is currently developing the game alongside other planned projects and games.


The studio is most noted for their adult flash animated game series, High Tail Hall. All HTH Studio projects were suspended until early 2007 when Crowchild started working on High Tail Hall. And shortly after the new High Tail Hall 2 hit the HTH Studios website it drew a lot of attention from fans of the series and new fans alike and it was a huge hit.

With this massive attention to the game and HTH Studios Crowchild continued doing small updates to the game and started selling HTH clothing and other good stuff as an HTH soundtrack CD. HTH Studios was seeing a lot success but near the beginning of 2009 the updates stopped and it seemed HTH Studios and HTH the game just stopped.

But near the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011 Crowchild brought back HTH Studios with a brand new website and a brand new High Tail Hall game. The new look of the game generated much interest with fans. With followers on Facebook and Twitter and the forums on the HTH Studios website High Tail Hall was reborn.

HTH Studios relaunched High Tail Hall around February 2012 opening up paid subscription content in October of that year.

On August 11, 2015, HTH Studios opened a Patreon account that initially granted access to Patron-exclusive artwork and voting options for new characters, dakimakura designs, and scene suggestions[1]. A new tier that granted early access and testing of new content in HTH Studios' games was added on March 13, 2017 for patrons who donated $25 or more to the studio's Patreon account[2]

HTH Studios originally planned to use PayPal as a payment option in the HTH Studios store, which led to repeated conflicts between the Studio and PayPal. After three years of attempting implementation, HTH Studios was granted permission to use Paypal on April 23, 2015 following changes to the company's policies on adult content[3]. Following the spin-off of Paypal from eBay leading to further policy revisions in mid-2015, HTH Studios announced on September 4, 2015 that PayPal has ceased negotiations with the Studio permanently[4].


As of October 2018 [5]

Year Title Platform(s)
2011 New Cyana* Windows, MacOS
2012 Red Light District* Windows
2018 MageFight: Duels of the Arcane Erotica** [6] Windows, MacOS, Linux
TBA Warrior Class TBA
TBA Structure One TBA
TBA Virtual Love TBA
TBA Infinite Sky TBA
*Early access is currently available
**Developed in collaboration with Evie Smash 

Animated Projects[edit]

Title Release Date Notes
HTH Studios Presents: Rio TBA Direct-to-DVD pornographic animated movie starring Rio Davis

HTH Studios Hack[edit]

On the 24th of August 2018, the website for HTH Studios was breached[7]. Resulting in the subsequent leak of the database on a popular hacking forum. The total amount of compromised users was listed anywhere from 411,000 to 455,000.

Many popular news sites reported on the breach due to the nature of the content within the game itself.[8]

In response to the hack, Crowchild stated that the new site was "using a MUCH more advanced and stable security system." and that he was in "contact with security, developers, legal council and law enforcement."[9]


Current members as of March 2019[10]

  • Crowchild (Owner, Animator, Artist, Game Designer, Voice Actor)
  • Tyvara Panther (Owner, Voice Actor, Play tester)
  • Kiee Bunneh (Advertiser)
  • Leilani Perriere (Writer)
  • Armaracol Canis (Voice Actor, Moderator)
  • SashaDarkCloud
  • Kat Von Tease (Voice Actress)
  • Devon Michaels
  • EtheWeasel (Investor, play tester, moderator)
  • Rex Canis
  • The Viewer (Moderator)
  • RoTS-Targe
  • Lobopunk
  • AlphaFox
  • Aeminos

Former Members [11]

  • Fossil (Artist and animator)
  • Zentio (Web programmer)
  • LittleRedPanda (Voice actor, moderator, artist)


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