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HOLY SH*T! The world's weirdest comic books, also known as The Leather Nun and Other Incredibly Strange Comics (EU), and written by Paul Gravette and Peter Stanbury, and published by St. Martin’s Press, is a compilation tome covering a plethora of comic books from the 1960s to the present day, from self published to commercial prints, underground and/or mainstream media.

All these represented graphics works share the same "accomplishment" of featuring the strangest, weird, amusing and quirky written subject matter in existence.

From Amputee Love, Fatman the Human Flying Saucer, The Barn of Fear, Tales of the Leather Nun, Brujerias, etc, these are some of the myriad of titles the authors present to the reader in a bound format for their amusement or disgust

HS!Twwcb and furry[edit]

Between the pages of this booklet, furry is represented by Antarctic Press' Genus, specially by Genus #20, the Special Extra Large Lesbian Unicorn Issue (part two of two).[1] A small excerpt on the page covering this issue proclaims the following about it and furries:

HOLY SH*T! The world's weirdest comic books
"Furries" are people with varying degrees of interests in anthropomorphics animals, real or imaginary, which may be expressed through erotic fantasy comics, sometimes of a highly specialized appeal...

...By the way, the "extra large" refers to the size of the issue, not the lesbian unicorns...

Genus No. 20: Special Extra Large Lesbian Unicorn Issue, September 1996. Published by Venus Comics/Antarctic Press, San Antonio, Texas, 52-page b/w comic. Cover by & © Dashe, panel $ © Max Lowell Voltage. Other interiors by various

HOLY SH*T! The world's weirdest comic books

The Genus cover was illustrated by former furry artist Bryant Velez.


  1. Genus #20 on Second Ed Mailorder

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