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Kyoht with her husband, Greg. 2008

Heather Kyoht Luterman, also known as H. Kyoht Luterman, or just HKLuterman, is a professional freelance fantasy illustrator and paleo artist who is married to furry writer and computer programmer Gre7g Luterman; they lived in Cedar City, Utah, USA, until 2010 when they moved to Madison, Alabama.[1]

Fansom involvement[edit]

Kyoht was one of the Guests of Honor at Midwest FurFest 2006 and Fangcon 2013.


Her online fursona is an aye-aye, formerly a coyote.


Kyoht mainly works with traditional media, especially primarily acrylics, but she started using digital media with Corel Painter. Her favorite subjects to illustrate fantasy creatures (sucn as werewolves), furries beings, and monsters.

Since 2000, she has worked professionally on several projects, including a book cover commission for a Sofawolf Press collection of short stories, the Bestiary Cards and, the Kennel Club. Her paleo-reconstruction illustrations have been published by magazines and Scholastic Books, and featured in museums.


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