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H. A. Kirsch (pen name in full: Harold Allen Kirsch,[1] also known as HawkWolf) is a furry writer who lives in Southeast Michigan, U.S.A.[2]

His fursona is a black wolf.


Early years[edit]

Kirsch became interesting in anthropomorphic animals at a young age.[1] In kindergarten, he concocted an imaginary friend who was an anthro mouse. Then, he started to play make believe as a cat.

Whilst attended a private grade school for the gifted,[3] Kirsch discovered werewolves in third grade, and watched An American Werewolf in London. This "blew (his) third-grade mind right out of (his) head".[1] By fourth grade, he was writing rambling stream of consciousness comedy stories about a group of werewolves living in an R.V. and cavorting across an early-90's America. He also ran around the school trying to bite people, and howling like a wolf.

After transitioning from the gifted school to a public school, sometimes between middle school and high school (around age fourteen), Kirsch was exploring the internet when he discovered the therian subculture and immediately decided that he actually was a werewolf. This lasted for about six months, until he discovered a much truer calling: the furry fandom. With puberty kicking in, Kirsch decided he wanted to "screw twinky, whimpering foxes with (his) big black wolf cock",[1] and started putting his anthro-erotic thoughts onto paper.

High School[edit]

In high school, Kirsch started writing more fiction. In 2003, on Summer vacation, he wrote a story for a friend, which revolved around a black wolf tormenting a young, impressionable gay cougar with a leather fetish. Kirsch needed a name for the character, and he had just read Stephen King's The Stand. One of the characters - Harold Lauder - was nicknamed "Hawk", and Kirsch thought that was an interesting juxtaposition, and so he carried it along. His wolf character's name would be Harold Allen Kirsch, and he would insist that people call him "Hawk" since it was "considerably more badass".[1]

Kirsch went on to adopt the name as his internet handle, and the character of Hawk would eventually feature in over thirty stories about depraved fetishes. Kirsch coined the word "anthrohorrotica" to describe his anthro-horror-erotica tales.[4]


Kirsch is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild, and his published works include:[4]


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