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Guystar (also known as Guystar93; born November 10, 1993)[1] is a furry artist, fursuiter, and musician who lives in Brierley Hill, in the West Midlands of England.


Guystar's fursona is a green and white wolf with multiple tattoos and piercings; most notably his lip piercings and the star tattoos on his wrists and left arm.

His fursona is often depicted wearing items of clothing such as skinnies, sleeveless shirts, and Converse. His eyes are completely heterochromic; the left eye being yellow, the right eye green.

Guystar's fursuit, depicting his fursona, was made by Sanctuary Suits, and debuted at a Birmingham Furmeet in April, 2013.[2]


Guystar attended Stourbridge College, where he studied Music Technology BTEC Level 3. He now pursues a career in Music and Music Technology. As of December, 2012, Guystar started producing an album, Sound; The development however had stopped due to lack of funds.

Lunar Clock, Luna Dial, A track developed for Sound was released for download on SoundCloud to promote the album. The track is a remix of Touhou7.5 - Immaterial and Missing Power BGM of the same name.

Guystar is now aiming at redeveloping his skills in music to improve the music he produces, leading to months in between uploads. Issues with moving and struggles with the technology he has has also lead to frequent breaks in his music production, further delaying uploads to his Fur Affinity account.

Guystar collaborated with Naif, to redo Guystar's variation of Touhou8 - Imperishable Night's Eastern Youkai Beauty, the aim was to give the track a much more professional sound. The track can be found and downloaded on Guystar's Fur Affinity here


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