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Gutierrez (or Rez for short) is an artist who works in a variety of media (flash, collage, photography), but currently he has been working with machine embroidery.

His online persona (or fursona) is a scalie. A six and a half feet-tall or more, balloonie dragon, his form is a cross of horses, lizards, and cats in a rubbery mélange.

Gutierrez first appeared as a character on FurryMUCK in 1998. Originally he was an eight foot tall male nightmare, but his form rapidly changed after visiting Morphy's balloon room and The Giant's Club. Much of his time was spent in Honey Badger's Burrow. His account was idle-purged in 2006. He has also been a member on and off of various anthro-Macro sites, as well as Inflation based communities.

Hailing from Texas, Gutierrez was also a member of from its inception and is currently a member of Lone Star Furs. He also worked the registration desk at the Texas Furry Con in 2004.


Individual commissions, fan art, flash animation, and other pictures can all be found on his Fur Affinity account.[1].


For his birthday in 2007, he received a used Brother Pacesetter Embroidery machine from a repair shop. Later that year works in thread started to appear in his Fur Affinity page.[1] The first works were simple patches and merit badges. His current works include shirts, hoodies, bags, ties and wallets.


Gutierrez animated the comic Big Gulp by Dnapalmhead in 2004[2].


The Crate is the beginning of a growth-centric comic. It is currently on page seven[3].


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