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Aubie Bear

Gusty Fox (born June 24th, 1959) is a fursuiter from Gresham, Oregon, U.S.A.[1] His fursuit character is a blue fox.

A parade spectator wants a hug from Gusty.

Gusty (aka Howard Whitcomb) is originally from the Seattle area of Western Washington. He entered the furry fandom in 2002, with an interest in mascots. His "blue fox" character came about when he was living near the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast, which is prone to wind storms during the late fall and early winter.

Gusty Fox has appeared in a number of parades and events in and around the Portland area, including the annual Ridgefield (Washington) 4th of July Parade and Gresham Teddy Bear Parade.

He has also been to Conifur in 2002-06, Further Confusion in 2004-07, and RainFurrest in 2007. In October 2007, Gusty debuted a new fursuit, Aubie Bear.


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