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Gushi is a fur originally from Long Island, NY but now residing in the Bay Area, California. His main fursona is a heavyset white ferret, usually shown carrying/wearing a bunch of geek gear, including a VR Helmet/HUD.

Gushi is involved in several projects to benefit the open-source and furry communities as a whole:

  • Side 7, an art community and not-for-profit organization run by a small group of volunteers. Gushi's main function is to keep the servers in happy tune.
  • Gushi was at one time the internet service provider for the main Fur Affinity servers, and also volunteered his time to help manage them.
  • Gushi ran the dealer's room wireless network at Anthrocon while it was still at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Pennsylvania.
  • Gushi was IT Director at Further Confusion 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Gushi's main company, Gushi Systems also hosts hundreds of furs, artists, and other creative types, from leathercrafters to DJs. The service is unique in that barters are almost universally acceptable.

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