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Gus and his Heavens gun

Gus G. Tiger (born 15 October 1988) is a semi-fur from Austin, Texas, USA who's been friends with an anthro artist JoeWolf for 9 years. A straight fur, and married, he graduated from Anderson High School in June 2009.


Gus's fursona is a short black hair orange-brown tiger with black stripes, who wears black shades often, along with a black leather trench coat, black pants, a yellow muscle shirt and black army combat boots.

Gus refers to himself as a Gus "Gun Slinging" Tiger.

In JoeWolf's story Wild Starter Gus is a hard core earth starter that uses the resources of earth's ground to make unlimted ammo for his guns, and repairs/modify items, weapons, or etc. Also uses two kunai drillers to borrow underground to attack enemies, and restrain them when caught.

But more info on him is still unclear.


Gus doesn't have any accounts on fur sites, but only on MySpace.

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