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Author(s) Kimor
Status Dead
Launch date May 7, 2016 (website)
End date ongoing
Genre Social networking

Gurglr was an adult-only social networking service for both furry and non-furry vorarephiles, particularly focused towards consensual vore. Originally created as a roleplaying setting feauring a company which matched up predators with willing prey, a Telegram chat[1] was followed by a site founded in May 2016, which hosts roleplaying and discussion forums, image and video galleries, and user profiles.

One feature of the community was the VoreScore, a system of keeping track of successful episodes of vore.[2]


  1. "Just a reminder, the premier vore hookup app Gurglr is now on Telegram!" - GurglrTweets, Twitter (7 April 2016)
  2. VoreScore Rules - Kimor, Gurglr forums

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