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Gulf Coast Furs (often abbreviated as "GCF") was a application-only website and forum for furries living along the Gulf Coast of the United States. The goal of the website is to promote In Real Life (IRL) interaction among furries in the area. This website exists to provide expansion of the communities original mailing list in addition to better facilitating event planning.

Logo of Gulf Coast Furs ©Kemmy (resigned)


The website was built from Simple Machines Forum technology, featuring discussion boards, instant messaging, chatroom, calendar, gallery, member map, and member profiles.


Gated Community[edit]

Membership of Gulf Coast Furs was taken very seriously. To join the community, one must register on the website with a short biography (one or two sentences). They then must wait to be approved by an Administrator or "Volunteer" (one who has moderation capabilities), who used to personally sponsor them by engaging in chat, meeting IRL, or personalized hand-written email.

Administration Policies[edit]

Selroth founded the website using an "Open Administration" philosophy, which does not censor information or maintain secrets. All politics, drama, moderation, and administrative participation were dealt with in a sub-forum where members can freely choose to show or hide. The administration has since become closed. This decision to close the administration was made, then later verified with majority current-member votes. At present the Gulf Coast Furs site is redesigning a more sound Terms of Service to better prevent issues of the past.

Rule-Free Environment[edit]

There was no set of written rules or a Code of Conduct within the community, aside laws inherited from the State. All drama was dealt with on a case-by-case basis in as real-time as possible. The intention is for the community to adapt to the members, and not the members adapting to the community. However, drama was allowed to grow within the site resulting in the loss of a large number of members; some of which had been a part of the local community for over a decade.

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