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Growl Podcast, formerly General Furry Pawdcast, is a furry-oriented comedy podcast, produced and hosted by Reverb Husky and Monochrome Tiger


Episodes of Growl follow a general template of furry related news articles in the beginning, transitioning into an overarching topic ranging from convention reports to relationship statistics in the furry fandom to selling fursonas.[1]


In 2015, Monochrome and Lavaliscous hosted a non-furry gaming podcast, General Jargon Podcast until the latter left in early 2017 due to personal issues as well as the increasingly furry nature of the podcast, such as topics, references, and terminology. Lavaliscous briefly reappeared in episode 11, then permanently signed off the podcast to persue his own interests.

During Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017, Reverb Husky joined the cast. Reverb continues as the main co host.

In late 2018, the podcast was rebranded to 'Growl' after both Monochrome and Reverb agreed the podcast 'needed to be taken more seriously' due to a sudden increase in popularity


The cast of General Furry Pawdcast hosted a panel at Emerald Fur Con in 2017.


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