Groupe Caisse d'Epargne

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Groupe Caisse d'Epargne is a semi-cooperative banking group in France. In 2010, the group commissioned a series of commercials featuring anthropomorphic characters from Ecureuil, a French advertising agency. All commercials were created using a combination of live-action actors and CGI head-tracking; the background song in all three commercials is an original, uncredited composition sung in English.


Publicité Epargne[edit]

Unlike the previous three commercials, this commercial (published in December 2009) features a club band (consisting of a stork on electric guitar, hippo on leading vocals and piano, and a turtle on cello) playing a French-language blues composition. After the song ends, the squirrel mascot for Ecureuil enters the club and says a few sentences to the band. Suddenly, the band ends the commercial by striking up an up-tempo jazz number, showing that the band no longer "has the blues".

Publicité Lizauto Jeune[edit]

Literally "Advertisement for Young Lizauto from Caisse d'Epargne", this commercial features two teen canine characters who are apparent lovers. The male character, who wears glasses and a yellow shirt, is already strapped in, while his redheaded girlfriend jumps into the front passenger seat on his side. The two are visibly excited and soon lower the back of their seats in order to have a steamy makeout (one that literally steams the windows from the inside), only to be roused back to reality by a male bear employee of the dealership lot in which the van is still situated. The two come out and the boyfriend receives the keys to the car.

Publicité Futéo[edit]

Literally "Advertisement for Futéo from Caisse d'Epargne", the commercial features two canine characters, again a couple. The two climb into a bed and are about to "knock knees" before a store polar bear assistant asks if they find the bed comfortable, revealing that they're in the middle of a furniture outlet.

Publicité Colocation[edit]

Literally "Advertisement for Roommates from Caisse d'Epargne", a male character edges closer to a female teenage character on the couch in their apartment, only for the camera to edge backward to reveal three other roommates, including a female red panda playing the guitar in the other side of the room.

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