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Jim Groat
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Real name James L. Groat
Other names Rabbi Tom, Krag Carbine
Profession or hobby Artist
Character species Goat, horse
Convention GoH ConFurence 1, Albany Anthrocon 1998, Rocket City FurMeet 2004

Jim Groat, also known as Rabbi Tom, Krag Carbine and Elkabong (full real name James L. Groat), is a furry artist who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. He had two children (who are sometimes referred to as the Groatlings) with former spouse Rebekah (whom he wedded at Confurence 1994).[citation needed]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Some of his earlier comics, in collaboration with fellow artist Richard Konkle, were published as far back as 1985, featuring the characters Red Shetland and Equine the Uncivilized, which were printed under his independent label GraphXPress. He has also done commercial art for others, including interior artwork for the GURPS version of Bunnies & Burrows.

Jim is known for being a caricaturist. In such furry zines such as Yarf, he would often publish his convention reports in comic book format. For a while during the conventions themselves, he made a tradition of destroying plush toy versions of Smurfs or of Barney the dinosaur, a practice that became known as a Groatish Mauling.

Jim was a guest of honor at ConFurence 1, Albany Anthrocon 1998, and Rocket City FurMeet 2004. He is a member of the Lake Area Furry Friends.


Groat was the creator, writer and line artist behind the webcomic, West Corner Of the Park.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) GoH

Media appearances[edit]


Title Year released Year produced Company Genre Theme Job/Role Notes
Tombstone 1993  ? Hollywood Pictures Feature film Western Actor, extra Jim Groat played a patron at the Birdcage Theater: at 26:50 into the film, he is thrown out of his seat by one of the Red Sash gang.

Other media[edit]

He also appeared in a WKOW television newsclip in August of 2007 about scouring the University of Wisconsin campus for useful and sellable items.[1]


There have been occasional discussions that he has suggested events of a dire nature to encourage others to come to his help and aid.[2][3][4]


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