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Grifter Timber Wolf, Grifter T. Wolf or just Grifter Wolf, Grifter Kawabata on Second Life (born August 30, 1981), is a furry writer who lives near Denver, Colorado, USA.


Born in England, the option for citizenship in the UK was available until he reached the age of 18, but raised nationally with American parents he decided to retain his US citizenship.

A graduate of Charlotte High School in Florida, Grifter left his home at the age of 18 and moved to Orlando, Florida and into a life of his own.

His personality varies, but usually ranks near the top of the social chain, with the exception of new crowds in which he may feel outcast and shy, he is generally a warm and friendly person. He has a passion for writing and has limited but capable abilities in art, a fondness for acting and creation of stories contributes to the two novels he has created.

He married his mate Painless Wolf whom he had been since 2002, in 2013, near Denver, Colorado. Grifter is the author of the story series Wolves of Fortune and Roads of Fortune.

In 2017 Grifter became a streamer on Twitch and also uses that content to share on his YouTube channel, he still manages time to do commissions and artwork while pursuing attempts to get into an acting career.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Around the year 1997, the first glimpses of the furry community were discovered by Grifter who was surfing the internet for one of his first times. The first page coming across was the page named "Werewolves in Suburbia" which led him into FurNation and the webpage of Singe the demon. It was shortly afterward, that he related his passion and love of the wolf and combined it with a human for his furry form.


Grifter Timber Wolf's fursona was a tall werewolf standing over 7' in height, as of recently has been brought down closer to his human height of 5' 5. His fur is a silvery gray color with a white underside leading from the bottom of the muzzle down to between the thighs (inside) he has a tuft of hair that he has grown out.

The color is a slightly darker, almost smoky gray color that travels down to the small of his back. It is mostly, but not always tied into a single long tail by a blue band near the base of his skull, and a second near the end of the tail.

His tail, more reminiscent of a fox's tail is colored white at the end, while the remainder of the body is his normal fur color, there is no specific connection to the white between his legs and the white on his tail. He is a digitgrade/plantigrade hybrid, his heels only being slightly off the ground, and pads toward the front of his feet.

In 2014, in memory[clarify] of his friend Bobby Heartsong, Grifter's hairstyle changed slightly. As Bobby wanted to color the bangs of his hair, Grifter now possesses white hair on his bangs (platinum hair IRL)

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