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A greymuzzle (or graymuzzle) is an older furry fan. It's generally meant as a term of respect, rather than an insult. Depending on who one asks, a greymuzzle may be:

  • Any person involved in the fandom before 1991;
  • Any fan who is over a certain age (30, 40, 45, or 50 depending on whom you ask);
  • Any person who has been in the fandom for a certain period of time (5, 10, 15 years);
  • Any person who had to use raw telnet to access furry MU*, before the advent of chat clients

Originally, greymuzzles meant pre-internet furries, but there are a growing number of decade-long FurryMUCK or users who would easily qualify as greymuzzles in most minds. In some related fandom groups, a greymuzzle may only have been involved for a few years, depending how young they are. Generally, a greymuzzle is a long term fan who is also over the age of 35. The term may be a reference to some breeds of domestic canine (such as the Labrador Retriever) whom develop grey fur on their muzzles as they reach old age.

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