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A Greymuzzle, or Graymuzzle (variant spelling "GreyMuzzle"/"GrayMuzzle"), is a furspeech term used to normally describe an older furry person within the furry fandom. It's generally meant as a term of respect rather than an insult.

History and terminology[edit]

Originally, greymuzzles meant pre-internet furries,[citation needed] but there are a growing number of decade-long BBS, FurryMUCK, and/or users who would easily qualify as greymuzzles by the term's standards.

The term may be a reference[citation needed] to some breeds of domestic canines (such as the Labrador Retriever) which develop grey fur on their muzzles as they reach old age.


Depending on who one asks, a greymuzzle may be:[1][2]

In some related fandom groups, a greymuzzle may only have been involved for a few years, depending on how young they are.

Some furries choose to reject the term entirely, believing that it is an unnecessary additional label, or in some rare cases, it being ageist.[citation needed]

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