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Green Roon's official reference (2013)

Green Roon is primarily a vore artist. Having been active in the fandom since spring 2009, he highly enjoys the play between macro and micro characters.


Green Roon's fursona is a hybrid of caracal, deamon, and lion, with green fur and blue eyes. His body size is often pictured as average human size. He shrinks his victims to a suitable size to then satisfy his voraphic desires.

Creative works[edit]


Roon's art covers almost all kinds of alternative vore, whereby most of his drawings are rated as mature/adult. Although Roon has been active since spring 2009, his gallery holds (as of July, 2013) no more than 30 images. He deleted his older work without permitting any reuploads, though some of his old art can still be found on the Internet.

Vore Planet[edit]

Green Roon created and copyrighted "Vore Planet", a setting which centers around a planet where people go to fulfill their vorish desires. Roon himself is the master of this planet and therefore the highest link in the food chain.

Green Roon started out about three Vore Planet comics, which he stopped working on.

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