Green Ginger

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Cover of Green Ginger.

Green Ginger is a one-shot adults-only comic book with anthropomorphic characters, that was published in 2002[1] by Radio Comix.[2] It was written and drawn by GSPervert, and inked by DAQ.[3]

The advertising blurb for the book reads:[3]

Green Ginger
Cute country girl Ginger is in a mess'a trouble! Prissy Libbie wants to beat her up but good, all because her boyfriend can't stop thinking about Ginger's enormous rack! Desperate for help, Ginger ducks into the gypsy Melali's caravan, but accidentally gets doused with a love potion! Libbie and Melali aren't able to keep their hands off her, in this charming tale jam-packed with lesbian three-way thrills!
Green Ginger


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