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2012 Great Furscape conbook cover. Artwork (c) Jezzabelle

The Great Furscape is a furry weekend event held at Alton Towers in Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. The event is timed to coincide with the theme parks "Scarefest", held during Halloween.

Great Furscape Ltd. is registered as a private company limited by guarantee, no. 08356421 (incorporated January 11, 2013)[1], based at 145-157 St John Street EC1V 4PW London[2]


The first iteration took place on October 27-28, 2012[3] and included two hours exclusive use of the water park, a nightclub (with equipment provided by Acoustic Armageddon) and rooms in the "Splash Landings" hotel. Fursuits were allowed in the event space, but not in the main park area (due to park rules on branding and mascots). Attendance was in excess of 30 people.


2013 logo.

Great Furscape 2013 was held over October 19-20, 2013.


Great Furscape 2014 was scheduled for October 18-19, 2014.[4]. The Great Furscape website states

Great Furscape
Unfortunately Great Furscape has had to be cancelled this year.

Please await further announcements.[5]

Great Furscape

Staff [3][edit]


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