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Sonic the Hedgehog: New Horizons MUCK (previously known as Great Forest MUCK) is a role-playing MUCK based on the Sonic the Hedgehog television show.


Great Forest MUCK was renamed to Sonic the Hedgehog: New Horizons in 2005 to slightly break away from the Sonic the Hedgehog SATAM continuity. Still based in the Great Forest, it is 200 years after 'The Doomsday Project' episode ran. Mobotropolis has been restored to its glory, and Knothole is a nice peaceful tourist trap. Robotnik is dead, Sonic and Sally are gone, and life goes on, but is everything really as it seems?

Great Forest MUCK (GFM) was founded by Scorch Hedgehog, who owns the server. He was a veteran MUCKer from FluffMUCK who was involved in the tinyplot there, but had moved on with many of his friends when the drama and powergaming on Fluff grew too great. GFM had enjoyed a large playerbase with many loyal and unique players, but drama followed and most of the playerbase had left, leaving a much smaller group. TinyPlots still occur.

The MUCK boasts large built areas including the Great Forest, Angel Island, Mobotropolis, and Knothole.


The rules of Sonic the Hedgehog: New Horizons MUCK forbid power-gaming, and public yiff, defined as "role-play of sexual acts between two or more furs."[1]


In terms of character species, "Anthropomorphic land mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and avians are accepted automatically." Hybrids of fur and overlander (human) are "allowed on a case by case basis".[2]


Indeed, 200 years after Doomsday, we find Mobius much different than seen before. Gone is the monarchy of King Acorn, gone are the Freedom Fighters of old, and gone is Robotnik who held Mobius in his grip for ten years, before being defeated by Sonic and Sally. Knothole is a tourist trap, the Great Forest changed by time and by demolition and construction, and Mobotropolis itself has become a mysterious place, gloomy and cut off from the rest of the world.

Awakening from a long slumber is Wind Silverblade, one of Robotniks greatest experiments, a bio mechanical hedgehog of great strength and power. Finding himself alone on Angel Island, one of the former tyrants bases, he sets out to learn more of this strange era. He finds out that a new power has arose. The once powerful wizard Naugus has somehow come back from the dead and with his numerous army is eager to find the legendary Chaos Emeralds to use them to gain ultimate power over life and death.

Naugus has already used his army to raze Knothole to the ground, forcing the inhabitants to give up the historical village and flee to a place called Cavern Hold, a hidden treetop village in the middle of a deep valley. There the Mobians rebuild their lives, hiding away from the war, only to have it follow them.

While the Mobians rebuild, Wind also rebuilds the shattered Angel Island fortress so that he can better defend himself against Naugus and his army. During this time he abducts several villagers and forces them to undergo a process to extract their DNA to infuse into 'blanks' to create his own small bio-mechanical army: Gale the Panther, Tempest the Deer, Zephyr the Skunk and Breeze the Fox.

War has been declared by Naugus, and much like Robotnik, has laid claim to most of the planet. With his Robian army at his command and armed with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, it seems that nothing can stop him. Wind has decided to fight for Mobius with his own army, and the Mobians of Cavern Hold are caught in the middle.

Who will prevail? Only time will tell.....


Main Characters[edit]

On the side of Good:

  • Ami Chobei - Female Deer
  • Scorch Hedgehog - Male Hedgehog
  • Elsa Tanaka - Female Skunk
  • Maya Hedgehog - Female Black Hedgehog
  • Raff - Male River Otter
  • Markarian - Bat
  • Ashley Ambrai - black fox
  • Red Star - Robotic Hedgehog

On the side of Evil:

  • Naugus and the Mobian Army (NPC's)

Neutral (or are they?):

  • Wind Silverblade - Bio-mechanical Hedgehog
  • Kelly Silverblade - Mechanical Squirrel
  • Tempest - Bio-mechanical Deer
  • Gale - Bio-Mechanical Panther
  • Breeze - Bio-Mechanical Fox
  • Zephyr - Bio-Mechanical Skunk


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