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Grayscale Rain a.k.a Saliant (J.M. Havens, born 7 August 1986) is a furry artist who lives in Tucker, Georgia, USA.

Havens is currently the proprietor and co-owner of Fox Saliant Studios, a personal site that they use as a springboard for their projects. Currently, they write (along with DicyDico) as well as illustrate Various Happenings, a gothic style comic that is published weekly (on Fridays.) They have also written and illustrated Foxtail Comics and No Pressure, though both went defunct in their embryonic stages due to real life interference. Though Saliant has stated interest in making new or expanded versions of both of their old comics, they are currently concentrating on commission art and the production of Various Happenings and thus have both on the back burner.

In addition to being an artist and writer, Saliant considers themselves an amateur musician though they find it hard to find time to compose.

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