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GrayWolf's conbadge by Latin Vixen.

GrayWolf (born June 4, 1986) is a 6'7" tall anthropomorphic North American Gray Wolf with brown eartips and a brown muzzle top. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, he currently resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Gray can be found online in various chatrooms on FurNet, Anthrochat, as well as on FurryMUCK, Tapestries MUCK, and TigerMUCK (as GrayWulf). He has a LiveJournal with the username graywolf769, and is one of the moderators of the Radio Furs LiveJournal community.

Offline, Gray can be found at many of the local Chicago, Illinois fur meets organized by the LAFF group, and the Midwest FurFest convention.

Gray is the Midwest FurFest Animals/Nature Programming Track Lead and Charity Liaison.

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