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Grape Collie (born May 4, 1997)[1] is a furry fan who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.[2]


Grape Collie's fursona is a purple and black-furred border collie. Although purple and black are his main colors, his eyes and pawpads are red, representing his 3 favorite colors, black, purple, and red.

He chose the name "Grape" due to grapes being his main fruit flavor of choice.


Grape Collie is a quiet person in real life. His interests include photography and biking. He absolutely loves eating sushi and grapes, citing that food as one of the reasons he chose to be purple.

He often roams around the campus of Western Michigan University wearing a horse mask while carrying a "Free Hugs" sign, becoming a "Mythical creature" of the university's Yik Yak crowd.[clarify]


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