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Samuel Conway, Sr. (also known as Grandpa Kage; born April 9, 1933; died January 25, 2016[1]) was the father of Dr. Samuel Conway, better known in the fandom as Uncle Kage.

He and Grandma Kage became involved with Anthrocon in 2009. One Anthrocon con book describes him as:

The chairman's respected father. Former US Army drill instructor masquerading as a quiet Southern gentleman. Knows Grandma Kage's secret identity.

In 2006 he and Grandma Kage helped out the Artists' Alley and con store; he was described as having "a mischievous sense of humor and a sharp wit".[2] As of 2014, he was listed a member of Anthrocon's operations staff, primarily tasked with "Keeping Grandma Kage in line."[3]

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