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GrackleCon Logo
Status Ongoing
First iteration June 26th, 2021
Organizer(s) The Grackle Staff
Subject Furry

GrackleCon is a series of furmeets with a focus on Pride and PoC inclusivity located in Austin, Texas. It is run by Austinites, including several moderators of the Austin Furs on Telegram.


GrackleCon aims to create a safe, welcoming, gender-inclusive environment. The staff is actively on the hunt for fun venues and takes notes from attendee feedback to build on and improve each event.


GrackleCon Nov 2021 Meet, photo by Vulpine_Media

GrackleCon's first event was held on June 26th as an informal meetup at Cidercade Austin. As attendance grew from single digits to upwards of forty members in further meets, The Grackle Staff formed to help organize events.

Events of 2021[edit]

  • CiderCon: June 26th
  • TavernCon: July 2nd
  • BowlingCon: July 17th
  • A Very Pumpkiny Gracklecon: October 28th
  • A Day at the Park: November 11th


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