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Radinov at FC 2008

Graafen Blackpaw is a werewolf and member of the Blackpaw pack. Born in 1983, he has lived in Yorkshire for his entire life and currently lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, working for a large IT company as a Technical Services Specialist.

Graafen has also been known as Thalyi E. Wolfe since 2000.

He has been the Head of Con Ops for ConFuzzled since its inception, and as well as the former RBW. He was also Head of Con Ops at ScotiaCon 2013.[1]


Graafen is an avid fursuiter. He owns four fursuits:

Interests outside of the Furry Fandom[edit]

Not only is Graafen a self confessed geek in many areas; ranging from IT to science fiction, he also enjoys camping and tries to take every opportunity to do so.


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