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Google Current is a short program on the television channel Current TV.


An episode of Google Current titled Scritch was originally aired on 2006 February 2 and hosted by Kinga Philipps. The episode starts with a segment titled All Work and No Play... that starts with Groundhog Day and transitions to a groundhog fursuit video from the Pennsylvania Tourism Office. The episode segues to a segment titled Pennsylvania, the Furry State which starts with a short and flawed introduction to furries. The host talks about Anthrocon, that Anthrocon is in Pennsylvania and the host includes “three days of a bunch of mascots in heat” in her description of Anthrocon.

The description of the video at Google Video is: “Google Current is an up to the minute look at what the world is searching for. This episode covers Groundhog's Day and Furries. Originally Aired 2/2/06”

Campaigning in Second Life[edit]

Furries also played a cameo in "Campaigning in Second Life"; a pod covering how 2008 presidential election candidates were using the virtual world hosted by Brell Erlich. The episode was described as "Second Life is for more than just getting it on with a furry. Real candidates are campaigning there for President. Of the United States." Erlich also states at the end of the episode "So if you see me wandering around Second Life be sure to say hi; I'll be the light skinned, black guy wearing John Edward panties... possibly making out with a furry."

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