Good Cheese

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Good Cheese
Author(s) Kelly Hamilton
Launch date 2002
End Date June 31, 2008
Genre Slice of life
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Good Cheese is an anthropomorphic webcomic drawn and written by Kelly Hamilton about a dormouse named Ashlee and her four friends.


The plot centers around their struggles with school work, dates with (mostly) boys and the school's spring formal. The main character Ashlee has a crush on a male anthro lynx named Gunther, who is a photographer but can't afford to go to the Spring formal.

The story and general theme fits into the category of a teen high school movies such as The Breakfast Club. The comic is intended for a high school audience, but is appropriate for all ages over ten.


The webcomic was originally hosted on Keenspace,[1] before being moved in 2004 to WirePop[2] until the site's closure, finally moving on to its own domain,

The run of the comic started on December 12, 2006, with daily updates for a month, moving later on to bi-weekly updates until September 2007, when it switched to weekly Monday-only updates. The comic reached the end of its storyline and publication on June 31, 2008.

The comic is now archived in a subdirectory on Kelly Hamilton's official homepage,


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