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Gonz, also known as PossPunk, binarylogic, glitterndoom, DogMeds and DrGonzy, is a furry fan. They answer to "they/them".[citation needed]

Their online persona was originally based on American writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson. At one point, they posted under the pseudonym CHARLIE SHEEN, based on American actor Charlie Sheen.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Gonz became active on the erotic furry art community Lulz.net in 2009, and only ever post there under a tripcode. They were also a member of the community project Lulzdrawz, 7chan and U-18Chan.[citation needed] They are also a partial fursuiter.[citation needed]

Gonz was the administrator of the now-defunct furry imageboard, Mutechan, hosted at their home in the 2010s.


Gonz' main character is an opossum/dragon hybrid with chibi wings, named Mishi Possgon'.[citation needed] Gonz also has a Virginia opossum fursona named Chet Watkins.[citation needed]

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