Gone Wylde

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Gone Wylde is a furry SabrinaVerse story written by Clint "Concolor" McInnes. Wendy April Vixxen Wylde (a supporting character created by Chris Yost for Sabrina Online: The Story) is the heroine of the tale, although she shares nearly equal time with an oversize wolverine by the name of Karl Luscus. The story is an alternate-reality / love story / action-adventure / science fiction conglomeration that was published on The Raccoon's Bookshelf until the site was closed in 2016.

Gone Wylde is not furotica. It contains no "yiff" and the language is easily rated at PG-13, although it does get quite violent in a place or two. The tale explores issues of faith and self-worth, love and betrayal, bigotry and fidelity and loneliness. The characters must deal with stresses ranging from failed marriages to financial difficulties to psychotic ex-lovers to being hunted by terrorists. The author makes no attempt to coddle his readers' vocabularies, and uses the right word if the right word is appropriate.

Note: The story was completed in December 2015 and was available online at Fanfiction.net. However, due to several considerations, the author removed it from the site. It is available, gratis, from the author as a PDF to anyone who would like a copy.