Gone Daddy Gone

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Electron-microscope style graphics of the Gone Daddy Gone music video.

Gone Daddy Gone is a song originally written by the Violent Femmes as part of their 1982 debut album. In 2006 it was re-released as a single by Gnarls Barkley, taken from their debut album St. Elsewhere. The accompanying music video, which premiered on MTV and MTV2 on September 29, features a cast of anthropomorphic insects.

The video portrays the musicians of Gnarls Barkley as fleas, dust mites, and other microscopic insects. They are initially living in the fur of a dog, who scratches at them and shakes them loose into the room's carpet fibres. A towering human woman moves around the room, happily performing various house chores. The musicians' lead singer seems infatuated with her, despite the fact she is blissfully unaware of him. After almost being vacuumed up by the woman, the insects jump onto her heel and begin to climb up her skirt.

Feeling them on the back of her thigh, the woman flicks them away and sprays the area with a sickly green insecticide. They attempt to escape the deadly fog, but one by one are enveloped. As the lead singer succumbs to its toxic effects, he has a series of hallucinations, showing him human-sized and in a sexual embrace with the woman. We see him depicted in various idyllic family-photo situations with the woman before, back in the real world, he collapses and dies.

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