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Goldenwolf, also known as Jadcee Goldenwolf, (born November 8, 1979) is a fursuiter who became part of the furry fandom in 2008. He is originally from Massachusetts. He is a fuzzy wolf husky that loves bacon and Reeses. He loves to entertain both with hilarious hijinks and cute fun while encouraging and inspiring others showing positivity in the fandom. He has a well visited YouTube account. He enjoys going to conventions and has been to MFF, FWA, RCFM, AC and MFM. Goldenwolf has been a furry all his life, the fandom lets him be who he is inside, bring joy to many many people far and wide across the United States and other countries. Goldenwolf is a photographer and videographer as well as a producer of his YouTube vids and hopes to be able to make more vids on a wider scale.

Goldenwolf is a staff member of Fangcon, responsible for the fursuit track. On the staff section of the Fangcon website, Goldenwolf describes being "a husky wolf residing in missisippi, [...] I'm a videographer as well as photographer (not professionally), as well as a suiter."[1]


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