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Golden Realms Classic was a flexible MUCK for medieval role-playing, with a range of races and classes. It also had areas for superhero, starship, and "modern toonage" themes.


  • Warheart - Character Creation centaur and general rules manager.
  • Johnny - Transformation Scenario Wizard

Past wizards[edit]

  • Firesong - Player Relations leodragon and general MUF wizard.
  • Caladan aka Anthian - General support wizard and manager of the Rufiennia and Wolven Frontier realm.
  • Khaostak - General MPI wizard and manager of the Draco's Peak realm.
  • Kerinontrix - General support wizard and manager of the Thalugulos realm.

Incarnations and servers[edit]

Warheart created the first incarnation of Golden Realms, sub-titled Mythelonne Muck, in 1999. This was set on a furry medieval planet, and had over 120 players. Hosted on, the MUCK met with deletion when crashed and was no longer accessible.

The second incarnation of Golden Realms Muck, with a new kingdom layout, was hosted on the server owned by Snowpony.

When networking issues began to appear on, Golden Realms Muck was moved to the (defunct) server owned by Findra.

Furry University Muck was set up in the account of the second GRM incarnation on the upgraded server.

Due to real life issues from various wizards, activity on the muck has declined and role playing in general on the muck was placed on indefinite hold. Currently Golden Realms Muck re-titled as Golden Realms Classic sits open as is (from the last time anyone connected.)

The information on the welcome screen is not correct. Please disregard what is written there when logging in.

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