Golden Oaks Academy

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Golden Oaks Academy is an anthropomorphic RPG created by DarkIceWolf and hosted by Proboards and set in a castle in a modern (but slightly supernatural) themed world that is very close to or exactly like our own.

The forum is maintained by Sylvyr, Regulus Rook and a few other mods. Sylvyr plays the Headmaster, Drake the Red dragon of Wales. His family and Drake's often rare staff guard the school but very rarely enforces the rules which a fancy boarding school would be expected to have.

The RP itself is usually casual or soap opera-ish in drama and plots and can be compared to Harry Potter and Redwall in storyline and plot. The only exceptions involve an attack on the school which is usually treated very seriously.

DarkIceWolf continues to update the forum's skin and boards at least once every change of season.

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