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The Golden Age of Furry Fandom (also known as the Golden Age of Furrydom, the Golden Era of Furry Fandom. Another variation of the term, The Renaissance, was a burned fur term only) is a phrase first seen in furry BBSes around 1993, gaining more common usage in the late '90s, and used to describe a "purer" time in the history of furry fandom, where adult material or fringe groups (zoophiles, bestialists, plushies, lifestylers, etc) had yet to appear, ending this time period when they finally did so.

Initially used by people that had become disenfranchised with the "problem" of adult furry art present in the fandom, it was later co-opted by groups such as TBOF, SOF, and the Burned Furs. Other furries would use it as a mocking counter-argument against these laid-out opinions and arguments.

Especially with the turn of the millennium, this term has fallen into disuse in recent years.

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