Gold Digger: The Time Raft

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Gold Digger: The Time Raft (also rebranded as Gold Digger: The Movie in May 2010) is an American OAV series created and animated by Fred Perry, based on the "Time Raft" arc in his Gold Digger comic book series, and released by Antarctic Press Productions. Having been an effort in process since 1999, the first part was released in 2001, with Part 2 being released in 2003 and both the finale and full compilation (or "The Movie") DVDs being released in 2010; all three parts have been released on Region 1 DVDs which have almost exclusively been distributed by Perry at conventions. A soundtrack CD was posted to Amazon in 2002, credited to Bruce Yarnell (who is also a voice credit in the series).

Altogether, the series/movie runs for nearly an hour.


Part 1[edit]

Brittany and Gina Diggers travel to a cave in the Grampian Mountains of England to find the Time Raft of Merlin, eventually running into a group of stone monsters to which they lay waste.

Part 2[edit]

Going further into the cave, Dreadwing (professing himself as Swiftwing) sends two of his elf servants, Tark and Mesha, to subdue and apprehend the protagonists, eventually succeeding at this through using magic weaponry. The girls later wake up from unconsciousness at a banquet table (Brittany having awoke to find that she has inexplicably changed back to human form for the next 24 hours), only to find Dreadwing daintily sipping a teacup. Dreadwing explains that he needs their help in accessing the Time Raft, given that Merlin never gave him the instructions on how to unlock it, and then wins their cooperation by handing them sumptuous solid-gold coins and objects. They're given a room in the cave to sleep for the night, and they discuss both the possibility of Swiftwing being a bad dragon with sinister ulterior motives for giving up any gold and Brittany's desire to go to Africa to find any remains of her ancestor people; meanwhile, just outside the room, Tark and Mesha discuss whether or not to kill the girls to prevent the Raft from being unlocked.

Part 3[edit]

Voice credits[edit]

  • Erin S. Frost as Gina Diggers (voice)
  • Mary Gawliuk as Brittany Diggers (voice)
  • Doug Dlin as Dreadwing/Swiftwing (voice)
  • Fred Perry as GinaCom/Computer (voice)
  • Doug Dlin as Tark (voice)
  • Hiroko Yarnell as Mesha (voice)


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