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Gman Coydog or Gilo Rodz (Real name Gilbert Rodriguez, born December 9, 1995) is a furry who lives in El Paso, Texas, U.S.A.


Gman's fursona is a blue coydog, a hybrid of husky and coyote. He resembles a blue coyote with a husky tail, and has black lines between his different fur colours. He is 2'2", weighs 19lbs, and his personality is that of a hyper, happy, energitic pup.

Gman has two stepbrothers. One is a full-bred husky named Cole, and the other is a human named Jacob. Since his parents never seemed to have time for him, he asked to be moved in with Cole. From Cole he is learning to become a DJ, and is his assistant when they hold parties and raves.

Jacob is his Gman's best friend, with whom he always hangs out, and he is learning from him how to skate.


Gman does not have any special powers, but knows ninjitsu. His skills include agility (such as jumping off walls), good reflexes, and the ability to move through almost all obstacles. Whenever he finds himself in a predicament, he replaces himself with another object and makes others mistake him for it by attaching a blue tail and pointy ears. It is surprisingly effective. Though, this is not a power either, Gman was curesed by Renard Queenston, Nurse Voodo Foxcoon, while taking lessons by him. This curse causes all of the negitive things he says like "He us getting old, I'm sure he'll end soon" or "You will never be loved" and will come true. Causing most of his friends to get after him about it. But out of smart wits, he figered out how to get around this, by using reverse Cycology, he can turn the negitive things he says into a positive. (Think about it for a while)

Gman normally spends time after school playing on his Xbox 360 (gamertag: The G Man282).

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