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Global Furry Television (GFTV)
GFTV new logo.png

Host(s) Pawsry The Wolf
Launch date February 12, 2019
Genre Furry entertainment and news

Global Furry Television (Chinese: 国际兽视), or GFTV for short, is a Singapore-based furry-centred online broadcaster led by Pawsry The Wolf. It strives to become the world's first furry-centred television catering to the furry community. As of 5th May 2019, it is available in website, video, and internet radio format, as well as having its second channel in Mainland China.


The GFTV's history can be traced back to its roots in 2014, which is a news website named The Maritime Link by HNBC Singapore, operated by the Henrusian News Broadcasting Corporation (HNBC), which is wholly managed by Pawsry, who by then was yet a furry. It covered current affairs, local and international news, finance, sports, entertainment, technology, and automobiles by gathering articles from reliable news sources such as Singapore's The Straits Times, Today, Channel NewsAsia, and international sources such as Bloomberg, CNN, BBC and Yahoo News. At the same time, HNBC also makes videos to their YouTube channel covering major events in Singapore, notably New Year, National Day and smaller events such as the National Day Observance Ceremony held in a neighbourhood, through of HNBC globalNEWS and HNBC News at 7. HNBC also does live streaming of some events through HNBC globalNEWS LIVE and HNBC NewsLive as well. Footages are taken if only Pawsry, by then also the reporter of HNBC, is right at the event venue.

Logo of HNBC. Used from 17/8/2014 to 16/8/2017.

Back then, HNBC updates videos in highly irregular intervals, with intervals lasting 4 or 5 months at most. However, HNBC's ident videos are updated occasionally, showcasing beach views, sunrises, sunsets, night scenery, and mountain views. Only some of these idents were actually used in HNBC's major videos.

On 16th August 2017, HNBC merged with HRSMA Media Publicity Service (HRSMA MPS), the broadcasting wing of a Singapore-based mascot and furry-oriented nonprofit fandom association, the Henrusian Mascot Association (HRSMA, headed by Pawsry) into the HRSMA-HNBC Media Publicity Service, after deleting their main website The Maritime Link, citing a potentially serious copyright violation where almost all articles on the website did not include a link to the original source. The merger was confirmed as Pawsry began to focus more on HRSMA and that HNBC couldn't be sustained for long due to a massive loss of resources after deleting their website.

Logo of HRSMA-HNBC Media Publicity Service. Used from 16/8/2017 to 30/9/2017.

On 1st October 2017, HRSMA MPS rebranded into HRSMA TV, which resulted from HRSMA's growing emphasis on the use of online platforms to spread the word of appreciating mascots and also to connect as many mascot fans around the world as possible. HRSMA TV, during its entire existence, only uploaded 2 videos on mascot news (HRSMA NewsGlobe) and another 2 videos on Octonauts (OFA Octonews of HRSMA's sister association Octonauts Fandom Association) before starting to cover on the furry fandom from September 2018 onwards due to HRSMA's shift in focus towards the furry fandom, after Pawsry became a furry on August 2018. Since then, HRSMA TV publishes their iconic furry-oriented series HRSMA FurryTalks on a weekly basis, covering various furry topics, which is hosted by Pawsry.

Logo of HRSMA TV. Used from 1/10/2017 to 8/11/2018.

On 9th November 2018, HRSMA TV, in response to HRSMA's further actions to get closer with the furry community, rebranded into the International Furry Broadcasting Service (IFBS) , sporting a brand new logo and bearing the slogan "The furry world, to sight". It covered Malaysian furry convention FurUM through it's HRSMA FurryTalks 2-part Furcon Special @ FurUM 2018, and has done a collaboration video with Reverse Strawbs The Husky. As time went by, more programmes were introduced, such as the IFBS' flagship news programme The Furry Report. HRSMA FurryTalks also rebranded into The Furry Show on 22nd December 2018. The IFBS also published a 2-hour long video featuring various works of some furry YouTubers, all showcased in the style of a television broadcast. The video, according to the IFBS, is a concept of how a 100% furry television broadcast (by the IFBS) would look like.

The logo of the IFBS. Used from 9/11/2018 to 9/2/2019.

The IFBS ceased broadcast on 9th February 2019, as the IFBS is engaged with merger discussions with a America-based furry radio station. However, after the other party announced their withdrawal of intentions to engage in a partnership or merge with the IFBS on 12th February 2019, the IFBS enacted policy and guideline reforms, and rebranded once again to the current Global Furry Television (GFTV).

The logo of the GFTV used from 13/2/2019 to 29/3/2019.


  • To provide quality furry content to all,
  • To become a part of the voice of furries,
  • To become a leading source of honest, objective and unbiased furry information, content and news, and
  • To become a reliable and trustworthy broadcaster upholding transparency and honesty, all guided by the vision enshrined in the Mission of HRSMA.


All timings are in Singapore Standard Time (UTC +8).

GFTV Morning Report, GFTV's furry-centered morning news programme.
GFTV Mascot Evening, GFTV's mascot-centered evening news programme.
GFTV The Furry Report, GFTV's flagship news programme focusing on news across the furry and mascot fandom.
GFTV Furcon Special, a special programme covering furry conventions on-site.
The Pawsry Show, a continuation of IFBS' The Furry Show.

  • Premieres every Saturday, 11pm UTC

GFTV FurStream, a chillstreaming programme.

  • Premieres every Sunday, 8pm

Furterviewing Furs, a programme focusing on interviewing furries mainly on furry news, culture, activities, content and art.


With the use of Streamlabs, the GFTV is now capable of executing live news broadcasts and programmes, in the manner of a television broadcast. Thus, the GFTV proposed multiple channels, which are as follows:
Ch. 1 – International
Ch. 2 – Asia-Pacific
Ch. 3 – Europe and Africa
Ch. 4 – Americas

*list updated as of 14/4/2019.

All broadcasts will be shown through the GFTV's YouTube channel.

GFTV's currently active channel is Ch. 1 International, a mixed-content channel, which includes videos from some furry YouTubers, and also some news programmes. It will also include some Octonauts-centred content as well, since Ch. 1 is made the new home of OFA Octovision, the broadcasting wing of HRSMA's sister fandom association OFA (Octonauts Fandom Association) following GFTV's revision on their multi-channel plan on 14/4/2019. Proposed channels Ch. 2 to Ch. 4, if approved, will be coordinated by various staff in the Asia-Pacific region, the European and African regions, and the Americas.

The GFTV is now open for those who would like to have a shout-out or those who would like their content to be featured on the GFTV's live broadcasts. Those who are interested may contact the GFTV through HRSMA's website, or their social media accounts, preferably Twitter.


The logo of GFTV FurWave, as of 2 March 2019.

On 2nd March 2019, the GFTV launched its very furst radio station, GFTV FurWave as a experimental broadcast, which lasted for 5 hours from 4pm to 9pm (UTC +8). The broadcast played classical, furry and even brony music, along with some talk and news blocks in between.

The GFTV then moved their FurWave broadcasts to Spreaker, which was done in 15 minute-long episodes daily at 10.45pm (UTC +8). It was successful and had a furry and mascot-centeted news programme, as well as The Pawsry Show. The timing however, according to the GFTV, was too short and it only allows music to be played at the start and end, and a short program in between, making this a "podio" (portmanteau of 'podcast' and 'radio') instead of a authentic internet radio.

On 20/5/2019, GFTV FurWave debuted their very first internet radio broadcast at 10pm UTC +8, which broadcast some furry and classical music. The station plans to broadcast every Saturday at 9am-12pm UTC +8.

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