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Pawsry the Wolf is a Singaporean furry blogger and videographer.

He has a webcast, named Global Furry Television (GFTV).

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Global Furry Television[edit]

Global Furry Television (GFTV)
Global Furry Television logo
Host(s) Pawsry The Wolf
Launch date February 12, 2019
Genre Furry entertainment and news

GFTV is a series of furry-oriented news blogs and webcasts/vlogs is available on their website. GFTV's podcast station, GFTV PodWave, is available at YouTube, Spreaker, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Apple Podcasts. GFTV is also available at the Chinese-language channel GFTV China, on Chinese video-sharing platform bilibili. GFTV has both internet radio and podcast stations, namely FurWave and PodWave, respectively.


  • Henrusian News Broadcasting Corporation (HNBC)
    • The Maritime Link
  • Henrusian Mascot Association (HRSMA)
    • HRSMA Media Publicity Service (HRSMA MPS)
  • HRSMA-HNBC Media Publicity Service, merger of HRSMA and HNBC
  • HRSMA TV, rebranding of HRSMA-HNBC
  • International Furry Broadcasting Service (IFBS), rebranding of HRSMA TV
  • Global Furry Television (GFTV), rebranding of IFBS, and current iteration


  • To provide quality furry content to all,
  • To become a part of the voice of furries,
  • To become a leading source of honest, objective and unbiased furry information, content and news, and
  • To become a reliable and trustworthy broadcaster upholding transparency and honesty, all guided by the vision enshrined in the Mission of HRSMA.


GFTV News Titlecard
  • GFTV News
  • GFTV Furcon Special
  • The Pawsry Show
  • GFTV FurStream
  • Furterviewing Furs


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