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Glitch fursuit head
Glitch custom made phone attachment (made by Corgi Beans)

Glitch (born November 2, 2000), is a furry YouTuber and comedian who lives in New York City, New York, USA.


Glitch is a freelance video editor, part-time YouTuber, theater technician, and stand-up comic. He started doing stand-up comedy routines in 2015. In 2011, he found the furry community, a place where he felt he could belong. He is also currently performing stand up routines at open mics throughout the furcon schedule, and sometimes in the city itself.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Glitch is the creator of Theater Furs and the director and writer of Yiff: the Musical (2020).[citation needed]


Glitch is a male cyborg werewolf with lots of charcoal grey and grey schema, as well as a lot of touches of neon blue.


He got his fursuit on April 17, 2019 that he posted the video MEET EERIE! (MY NEW FURSUIT) on Youtube.

Convention attendance[edit]


He creates YouTube content biweekly but is going weekly since he hit his life's goal of 10k. His videos and his style of comedy cater heavily towards adult topics and taboo within the fandom, including a wide range of videos such as: "Reacting to MURRSUIT PORN", "ANTI FURRY AVENGERS!", "SUPREME DESIGNER FURSUITS".

He has over 34,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, 1,254,000+ views and 19,000 followers on his Twitter (as of May 2020).

Glitch has been doing YouTube since the age of 8, starting on the site with his first channel around 2007. He made the major switch to his current channel in February 2012, and is currently still producing videos on the channel to this day. It has gone under several different names such as rangerred, MCManiac and last but not least, Glitch. Over the years, he's made 500+ videos total across all channels but his persona Glitch has only made around 120.


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