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Glaz and Sammy

Glaz is an artist and fox furry from Stockport, England. His fursona is a green, several ton 14 foot tall two-tailed kitsune with a symbol resembling a white pizza slice with a black crust and a single black dot on his forehead.

His personality is typically drawn as constantly tired and lazy although a few picture indicate him being a bit of a business minded goofy fox. Glaz's artwork primarily consists of fatfurs.

Glaz's weight fluctuates depending on the picture but it usually stands to say that the character normally towers over another and is usually significantly fatter.

He additionally has a secondary character, named Sammy, that closely resembles Glaz; however is instead coloured red and is significantly smaller in terms of size, more in tone of the artist's real life shape.

Glaz tends to engage in Livestreams regularly. A typical stream of his is to take art requests set to a theme chosen by him or by someone in the chat whilst playing music (typically Jazz) or playing a film in the background.

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