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Gizgiz, also known as Giz Giz (real name Mikael Thörncrantz[1], born July 24, 1988[2], died August 28, 2011[3]), was a Swedish furry fan.


His fursona was a male feral German Shepherd in the standard black/brown coat pattern, and he was sometimes dressed up in bondage gear.[4]


"So long, and Thanks for All the Fish", Gizgiz's last post on Fur Affinity

In 2011, he posted two goodbye journals on Fur Affinity, (the 2nd one was deleted after 800 comments), the first journal was originally blank, but on August 28th, he copied the text from the 2nd journal to the 1st one, and the GTAsajtens Forum.[5]

Right before 11PM local time, he drove along the E22 at Gardstanga, and steered his vehicle into the path of an oncoming truck. He was declared dead at the scene. [6]


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