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Giza, as drawn by Taurin Fox

Giza, real name Douglas Muth, has been interested in Furry since 1998, when he first discovered it through The Lion King. His first convention experience was Anthrocon '99, and has attended over 27 furry conventions since, working as a staff member at the majority of them. [1][2]

He can frequently be found online in various IM programs. [3]

Real life[edit]

In real life, Doug lives in Ardmore, PA and works in Center City Philadelphia as a Software Engineer for a medium size company.

He likes UNIX, YouTube, bowling, Cheetahs, and weight training. He is also a ham radio operator, which he makes use of for socializing purposes at furry conventions. His radio callsign is K3TCP.

He is involved with several local civic groups, including The Save Ardmore Coalition and The South Ardmore Betterment Alliance, and maintains the websites and performs general technical work for both groups. He currently holds a seat on the Board of Directors of the Save Ardmore Coalition.

Convention involvement[edit]

Giza has been involved in one way or another with a number of furry conventions, including:

He was inducted into the Dorsai Irregulars, who provide security services for multiple furry conventions, at Dorsai Thing 33 in March, 2008. [4]

WikiFur involvement[edit]

Giza got involved with WikiFur shortly after it began in August of 2005. He either wrote the initial versions or made early contributions to a number of articles on here, such as Anthrocon, Room party, Con Ops, and Dorsai Irregulars. He's also a WikiFur user and administrator.

In addition to regularly cleaning up and categorizing new articles on WikiFur, he has also done extensive work on the category system itself. He conceived and implemented the categorization for births and deaths and also refactored very large categories by splitting off a number of entries under them into sub-categories. Some of the bigger categories he has done this to are Category:Characters and Category:Terms.


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